Accident insurance

The fast-paced modern life rhythm, trying to manage everything and everywhere, we sometimes forget about the danger that can threaten us and our loved ones.
Those that take care of themselves, are taken care of by the fate too, so make sure the fate is kind to you and your loved ones. Take care of the problems that may occur as a result of an accident now!

Why do you need insurance?

InterRisk Vienna Insurance Group” AAS is not miracle-workers and cannot keep accidents from happening, but what we can do is - provide financial assistance, which is quite important, especially now when most Latvian families face this issue as a very painful one. InterRisk Vienna Insurance Group” AAS offers a real solution to take care of yourself and your loved ones: let us assume part of the risk. Financial support, e.i., insurance indemnity in a critical time of your life can be invaluable and sometimes it can be the only support to a family struck by misfortune.  Therefore, we offer insurance against accents at affordable prices which are several hundred times lower than the sum insured. 

Who requires accident insurance:

  • any adult to whom the indemnity may be the only material support in the event of an accident;
    people whose profession is associated with an increased risk: security guards, drivers, builders, journalists, as well as representatives of other professions;
  • athletes;
  • children (we insure children from the age of one).
What can be insured with this policy?

By concluding an insurance contract, it is possible to provide a program that includes the following risks:

  • the complex program includes a full service package and provides the insurance of the following risks::

- temporary incapacity to work (injuries and bone fractures);

- a permanent loss of working ability (disability);

- death;

  • insurance only in the eventof death and/ or permanent loss of working ability (disability);
  • medical expenses*;
  • incapacity benefit*;
  • hospital benefit*;
  • discount for children insurance.

Anyone can get an insurance– athletes, tourists, hunters, businessmen, sailors, as well as housewives and children, with a exception of risk groups listed s in the insurance regulations.

How does insurance protection work?

Concluding the accident insurance contract with InterRisk Vienna Insurance Group” AAS, you will receive high-quality insurance protection. By your choice, this protection may operate from 1 day to 1 year, around the clock or during certain hours, worldwide or in a limited territory.

In the event of any of the risks resulting from an accident, a one-time compensation is paid out, which is calculated as a percentage based on the severity of the resultant injury, fracture or another insured risk.

Insurance costs

Insurance policy prices start from 2.13 EUR per year, but the level of insurance protection will depend on your chosen insurance amount (starting from 284.57 EUR and more). In addition, insurance indemnity will many times exceed your insurance premium deposit and will depend on your chosen package of insured risks.

By insuring the risk "medical expenses",
InterRisk Vienna Insurance Group” AAS gives you the opportunity to receive medical services in the best clinics of Latvia, if such need arises as a result of an accident.

Our specialists always will listen carefully to your wishes, give advice and help you choose the most acceptable and beneficial insurance option.

InterRisk Vienna Insurance Group” AAS customers receive significant discounts - from 5 up to 50%, depending on the number of insured persons and occupation.


* - only for legal entities

Accident insurance terms and conditions

The rules that were in force until 19.04.2017, you can find here.

In order to purchase a policy, you can select one of the following options:
  • to purchase the policy  on-line;
  • to apply to any of our branches in Latvia;