What to start with?

There are two ways you can buy accident insurance policy.

I. Contact you nearest InterRisk Vienna Insurance Group” AAS branch office

1. in order to provide you the most appropriate insurance policy, the insurer will ask you:

  • your profession or industry;
  • the areas in which you want the policy to work;
  • the risks you want to insure;
  • the period of time within which your policy will work;
  • the sum for which you want to be insured.
2. the insurer will offer the most suitable program for you;

3. drawing up a policy will require personal data;

4. the insurer will tell you what to do in case of an insured event and how to receive compensation;

5. you will receive your personal accident insurance policy and feel safe and protected!


II. Purchase insurance on our website.

1. Fill out a web form by selecting:

- territory;

- against what accidents you want to have insurance (disability, bone fractures, injuries, death);

- sum insured.

Select factors that increase the risk:

- leisure activities if you participate in any type of sports activities at any level in your free time;
- your business area - profession.

(In case of uncertainty, when purchasing a policy, please use explanations marked with the symbol “?”)

At this moment the price offer is created.

2. If you are satisfied with our offer and you agree to our terms, you must fill in your personal information and provide your e-mail address to which an electronically signed accident insurance policy will be sent, after the payment is made.

3. Go to the section "Policy payment". You may make the payment for ACCIDENT INSURANCE policy online with any type of payment card or selecting one of the online banking service providers - SEB bank, Swedbank, Citadele bank or Nordea bank.

4. You will receive a policy with a number and a secure electronic signature in your e-mail and you can live without a care!