Voluntary vehicle insurance (CASCO) covers losses resulting from road traffic accidents, natural disasters, fire, and theft of or damage to the vehicle.

CASCO insurance shall indemnify the damages caused by the following emergencies:

  • road traffic accident - an accident that has occurred in road traffic involving at least one vehicle and causing damage to a natural or legal person or the environment;
  • theft, robbery;
  • unlawful actions of third parties - such actions of third parties, which result in a mechanical damage to the insured vehicle;
  • natural disasters – direct effect of storms, floods, lightning, hail on the vehicle, as well as the effects of other objects on the vehicle, caused by natural disasters;
  • fire - the effects of an external explosion or an external source of fire effects on the vehicle; collision with a falling object;
  • broken glass - damage to vehicle’s windshield and/or headlights resulting from causes beyond Policyholder’s or Legal user’s control not related to unlawful actions of third parties.
  • The sum insured is determined by the agreement between the parties, taking into account the real market value of the particular vehicle. If the vehicle is new, it is insured for a value which is confirmed by the purchase documents.
Insurance premium (insurance fee) is determined according to:
  • the brand and model of the vehicle, its value and year of release;
  • the purpose of the vehicle;
  • the contract territory;
  • the selected insurance risks;
  • the selected excess;
  • the selected payment schedule;
  • and other factors.
The insurance period is one year.

The contract territory:
•    Latvia;
•    The Baltic countries;
•    Europe, excluding the CIS;
•    Europe, including the CIS.

It is possible to insure the driver and the passengers against accidents simultaneously with the vehicle.

CASCO insurance terms and conditions

CASCO "Auto Assistance" terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the accident insurance of drivers and passengers

The rules that were in force until 19.04.2017, you can find here.

In order to purchase a policy, you can select one of the following options:
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  • to apply to any of our branches in Latvia;