Carrier’s civil liability insurance

While on the road, you may encounter unforeseen circumstances (mist, snow, low quality road surface), which may cause adverse effects, for example, damage the transported cargo. However, delivering the cargo to its destination intact and undamaged often is not only a financial aspect, but also the question of company’s reputation. Carrier’s civil liability insurance will help to keep the reputation impeccable and to gain an advantage over the competitors.

Carrier’s civil liability insurance  provided by
InterRisk Vienna Insurance Group” AAS covers the losses related to the damage or loss of third party’s (the cargo owner’s) property, provided that the losses are caused by:
  • vehicle-to-obstacle or vehicle-to-vehicle collisions; collapse of bridges, explosions;
  • fire;
  • vehicle rollover;
  • freezing or overheating of the cargo;
  • accident during loading/unloading;
  • cargo theft, robbery.
The sum insured (liability limit) is determined by an agreement with the carrier company and by calculating the amount of potential loss that may be caused by the carrier during transportation.
The rates (premium) of the carrier’s civil liability insurance contract are calculated based on the selected liability limit, amount of total freight, type of cargo, as well as the transport regions and routes.

The experts at 
InterRisk Vienna Insurance Group” AAS can provide recommendations concerning the selection of the optimal insurance coverage, as well as supply additional information.

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